About us

We are the DGQA – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualitätsanalysen mbH (German Society for Quality Analysis). The society was established by entrepreneurs and consumers, for entrepreneurs and consumers. We are active in many areas of quality analysis and we award the quality seal “TOP Kosmetikinstitut” in cooperation with the german magazine “Brigitte“. We also rate and benchmark lawyers and tax consultants. More information can be found on our homepage.

MUST VISIT! tourist attraction (dgqa)

Can’t find a tourist attraction or want to contact us?

Can’t find your attraction on the list? It’s just a matter of time until your attraction becomes a (MVTA). Maybe we haven’t even discovered it yet. We are always looking for new suggestions. Write us an email and apply with your location as an MVTA. We will be happy to inform you of the conditions of participation. If you convince our editors, your attraction could soon be a MVTA.

We look forward to hearing from you!

MUST VISIT! tourist attraction (dgqa)