Many people have a personal bucket list, a list of things they want to see and experience in their lifetime. Our editorial team selects the attractions that are really worth visiting, from the wealth of possibilities a city or a country offers. True to the motto: “If I only have one day in a city, what should I visit?”

The selection is not always easy and is of course subjective. One person is attracted to culture while another might love gigantic shopping malls. Our editors take these differences into account by categorising all of our attractions, for example:

Leisure Park
National park
Work of art
Special interest
Botanic Garden
Historic site
Observation deck
Mode of transport

Sometimes we might come across attractions which don’t fit into any of these categories and in this case we would extend the selection.

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Our ratings are subjective? Yes of course!

Our reviews are of course subjective. Therefore we also take opinions and reports from other travelers into account. We reject any legal claim to the assessment of an attraction. Most of our seals are time limited. After this time we make a new assessment of the attraction.

Importance for the history of a country.
How famous is the place of interest?
Is this an attraction for the whole family?
Can the attraction be visited by anyone or are there any restrictions?
Can the visitor learn something? Does he learn something about the history of the country or the population?
Outstanding architecture (especially hotels)
What kind of building is this? Does it stand out among other similar buildings?
Is it possible to visit the attraction without taking unmanageable security risks?
Visiting attractions should not be a boring history lesson, but above all a pleasure for the visitor.

Our editors’ ratings are based on fixed criteria.

Each of our awards is a sign of the outstanding importance of an attraction. How do we select these and when do they receive the Gold, Silver or Bronze?

Of course, our attraction reviews are absolutely subjective. What one person likes, another might not.  However we hope to give you a good overview.

Many of the attractions have been reviewed by the editors themselves. In addition, we use external information for our ratings such as books, travelogues, photos, movies, visitor reviews, site evaluation, etc.

Do you have suggestions, criticism or even praise for us? Or maybe suggestions for new attractions?
We look forward to your feedback!

You didn’t find your attraction in our database?

There are several reasons for this: Our database is constantly growing. So it may only be a matter of time before your attraction becomes a “MUST VISIT! Tourist Attraction” (MVTA).

Would you like to help us expand our database and become part of our MUST VISIT family?

Excellent! We are always happy to hear both positive and negative feedback, and of course we are always happy to have your help. More details can be found under “How to become part of the family”. We’ll see you soon!

Do you manage a tourist attraction yourself?

And you are not listed here? Whether a monument, shopping mall, restaurant, pub or anything other attraction, we are happy to receive all suggestions. Maybe you have not even been discovered as a MVTA. Simply apply to us with your location. We are happy to inform you of the conditions of participation. If you convince our editors, your attraction may soon be an a MVTA.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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